If I had to describe myself, it would be in a word that has many meanings with a complexity which falls off the tongue.
A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Monday, November 29, 2010

The last stretch/ blogfests

The last stretch is coming in with only a couple weeks left of school for me, and of course the ending of NaNo!
 To those who reached their 50k goal- CONGRATS!
 Me- uh- I'm still around 11k but I have new stories and so in my head I won. :)

 Now for things going on, I have some pre-posts ready to go for December, some of them are blogfests but December first will be all about miss Talli Roland's web splash, so check back to look and see.

Since the end of Semester is so very near, I will be overwhelmed with class homework and studying for Finals. So If I do not comment, please keep in mind I have very little time, but as soon as I'm free I will have plenty of time to catch up with everyone (almost a four week break after finals!)

 I am also revising my story for publication, I'm on my third revision. As you can guess I've been working my tail end off, my poor wings are tired and I can't wait for a break- just need to keep pushing through-

Now for some reminders of blogfests ladies and gents...

November 22- December 7th
Top secret family thanksgiving blogfest 

December 1st the linky goes up for
 Through the key hole blogfest

Open until December 5th
 Tessa's outside my box blogcontests

 Writing with the stars blogfest

December 11th
 Harry potter blogfest

 MIdwinter blogfest

December 12th
 Christmas Tales blogfest

December 13th
Crazy holdiay blogfest

December 12th--> 18th
Query letter Blogfest

December 15th
 Truth is stranger than fiction

December 18th
Twisted christmas fairytale blogfest

December 20th
 Jolly Golly Blogfest

WOW! What a whole slew of blogfests to play in! If I have missed a writing blogfest...please leave me a comment and I will add it to my sidebar.
 Best of luck to those getting ready for all these writing blogfests, see you in some of them, and remember, just cause I haven't commented in a while doesn't mean I'm not around.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Early Thanksgiving Blogfest/NaNo prompt 7

Hello everyone- My blogfest entry is going to be simple, a top ten list, and my Nano prompt will follow below the entry.

 What am I grateful/ thankful for?

 10) College
 9) pens
 8) computers
 7) to be alive
 6) being published
 5) this blogging/writing community
 4) Friends
3) Family
 2) My Manly man (who supports most my decisions. )
 1) My children

 NaNo prompt:
 Try giving your characters something to be grateful for, maybe they can write a thank you letter? maybe they receive a thanks by some admirer? Perhaps they are just thankful you wrote about them, But try to incorporate it into your NaNo writing for a challenge. :) Best of luck to you all!

 I hope with all my heart everyone eats until they are stuffed, enjoys many laughs with their friends and family, and relaxes...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nano prmpt 6: figurative language

Hey everyone! How is Nano coming for you all?
 Mine is slow going but I'm managing. I'm still UNDER 11,000 words, but Its okay for me.

I've been busy translating English to french, Reading for classes, and writing papers. So I haven't had a great deal of time.

For today's prompts, I'd like to use similes.

See if you can finish these sentence for similes and incorporate one into your writing:

  1. As heavy as
  2. As cold as
  3. As hard as
  4. She had skin like a
  5. As cool as
  6. As quick as
  7. He was slow like a
  8. Slippery like a
and a picture to inspire you all:

Friday, November 19, 2010

I know I said Monday~~

Hey everyone- I know I said I'd blog on Monday, but I just saw something so well done and put together I had to share.

 Elena at You're right. except when you're rong  Put a vlog post that was amazing utilizing one of Rolands stories excerpts.

 Please go take a look and tell her what you think!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skipping NaNo Today

I was very sick last night, so I'm not up for a lot of research today. Sorry to those who are looking for prompts- there are a great deal I've already put up, so just go back and look. :)

 So today I'd really like to encourage everyone to look to my right side bar-

 I can't believe all the blogfest that are popping up and I'm so excited for them!

 Everyone knows under noraml conditions you couldn't keep me from blogfests- but I'm out for Novemeber,

 However as soon as December hits- you can bet all your snowflakes I'll be posting tons of blogfests!

 Now go look at what I have up, and I hope you can find something to participate in.

 If you're having trouble deciding which one to choose, close your eyes and click on one!

 See you all for my next post on Monday.....

Monday, November 15, 2010

NaNo prompt 5 and inspirational poem

We are to the half way point everyone. I have prompts for you and an inspirational video I found.

 Currently I'm stuck at my 10k in words- But I'm not worried. My priorities are simple- College classes then NaNo- I have a test I'm doing this week, so I studied for the weekend instead of writing.

 Ok for the Prompts: Lets focus again on getting the words onto the page.
 Here we go- all the others at this point were warm up- now we are going to see some heavier requirements from these prompts:

Write for at least 1000 words about a breakdown, a stone, a pawprint, and a mountain. Focus on describing characters. 

Write for at least 1000 words about a robe, a prediction, a gem, and a risk. 

Write for at least 1000 words about a death, a trigger, waves, and a bell. Focus on physical descriptions. 

Write for at least 1000 words about a dire deed, a prediction, and a messenger.

Write for at least 1000 words about an act of kindness, a house, and a crutch. 
Write for at least 15 minutes about a fall, a song, and a perfume bottle.

Write for at least 15 minutes about a lock, and a box of chocolates

Write for at least 20 minutes about a change in plans, a window, and a leader.

Write for at least 20 minutes about a reversal of fortune, a child, and a theatre. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNo prompt 4

I reached 10,000 words this week! YAY! 
Have we reached the halfway marker yet?

Times screamed at my fairy muse: 2
Nervous breakdowns: 1
Number of pens thrown across the room:0 (I bought new pens though)
Days word count has been slacked:2
How many short stories completed: 3 working through the fourth and it will be longer than the others.

Exciting even thus far: 
I almost panicked when I saw that the short story for publication in the underground anthology went over ten pages. That took away some writing time to hunker down and fix, it comes before NaNo. But all has worked out and I've managed to bring it back to the ten page length it has to be. YAY

 Remember Monday I told you I had a couple sites for story prompts...well this one is a bit more in-depth. It has names, potions, fantasy stuff, romance things, writing themes, what if anators...every thing but the basic journal prompt ideas...lol 

So for this I'll see If I can give you a prompt from a couple sections: in which I will name the section above the prompt so you can find more of them...its more a generator type thing and has a lot of possibilities, so even if you can't use a story idea, you might find inspiration by just reading them :)

 exercises: Seventh Sanctum writing 

Section: POTIONS (describes potions)

The emerald elixir with gold bubbles. It smells like nuts, but tastes like butter and excrement.

Section: MAGIC ITEM- jewelry (has a drop down to choose from)

Deathly Writer's Amulet of Time and Viciousness


Setting: cyberpunk/post-apocalypse. Theme:occult rampaging monster story


In this story, a greedy librarian falls in love with a sailor who has annoyed the gods.


The story starts in a jungle. During the story, there is a visit by a very common visitor. The story must have a hellhound in it. The story must involve a wand in it. During the story, a character gets dirty.
My Sasha wants to know if the week is over yet?

Today's Silly question:
Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNo prompt 3

**I'm sorry to those looking for my blogfest entry: I didn't have time to make it out. Please forgive my poor planning.** 

How many days has it been? It feels like forever since it started and I look forward and there's still a while to go. LOL Open Mic on Friday was fantastic- we had a really good turnout with some singers, short stories (I read one of mine) and poetry (I read some of my poetry too). My best friend came with and she even read one of her pieces. So I really enjoyed this event. It's inspiring. The next one is November 19th, and I'm going to have to write new stuff for it...Hmmm

Times screamed at my fairy muse:(This week 0)
Nervous breakdowns: 0
Number of pens thrown across the room:1
Days word count has been slacked:2
How many short stories completed: 3 and a half so far.

Number of times my hand has swollen: 1 
(My right hand swells when I write or play on the computer alot- acute tendinitis is what I have in my tendons. I'm technically "not supposed" to type at all let alone write...but its part of who I am, I can't be a writer without writing :)

In this weeks installment for prompts we are doing word count- if you are having trouble adding more to your story, or don't know where to take it next here are a slew of word count prompts to get you started, get you going, and you can use the sites to keep you going if you like them...here we go!

 Exercises: Chaotic Shiny (website I found them on)

Write for at least 100 words about a house, and a note. 

Write for at least 150 words about a foreign country, a ring, and a cat. 

 Write for at least 200 words about a loss, a flower, a lion, and a table

Write for at least 250 words about a defeat, a treasured heirloom, a bridge, and a thug. 

Write for at least 300 words about a predator, and a clock

 Write for at least 400 words about a change in plans, a song, and a shop.

Write for at least 500 words about a faux pas, a locked box, tiger, and a book. 

Write for at least 600 words about a breakdown, a fire, a horse, and a dream.

Write for at least 700 words about a bottle, and a lamp. 

Write for at least 100 words about a wild animal, and a mirror.

 Write for at least 150 words about a conversation, a robe, and a candle. 

Write for at least 250 words about a romance, and a scoundrel

 Write for at least 300 words about a misstep, a farmer, and a lawyer. 

Write for at least 400 words about a guardian, and a shop. 

Write for at least 500 words about a reversal of fortune, a bathroom, a skeleton, and a bird

Write for at least 600 words about a crutch, and a bathroom. 

  Write for at least 700 words about a pair of eyeglasses, and a bucket.

Today's silly question:
So what's the speed of dark?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNo Prompt 2

Wow, what a week! Ready for NaNo Prompt 2? 

Tomorrow I will be attending an open mic night at a local coffee house and reading some poetry. I'm super excited about this. Has anyone else read at an open mic night?

I have decided to write as many short stories as I can instead of a novel for NaNo- Which I can then revise later. I have two completed so far. Don't know if I can actually make it to 50,000 words this way- but what the heck, atleast I'll have new material to use.

I've also decided it's much easier to blog daily then think up story ideas...Sighs...

For anyone just coming to my blog- I'm only posting twice a week for NaNo  (mondays and thursdays) and they will be writing prompts.December I will resume my daily blogposts

 My stats:
Times screamed at my fairy muse:6
Nervous breakdowns: 0
Number of pens thrown across the room: does wanting to throw a few count?
Days word count has been slacked:1
Best daily word count to date: 2,160

Days stapled finger: 1

(Since I know everyone will ask- my daughter wanted to use my tiny stapler, and so here I was in the middle of word count, and I had to stop mid-line and load a stapler. I pushed down on the end to click it in place- and it pushed a staple right through the side of my finger! My daughter gawked at me and then made a sick face as I pulled it from my finger and blood came from both holes...LOL- and yes it hurt, no I wont be doing that again anytime soon!)

Exercise: Taken from "Unjournaling" by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston. pg 19


  Create a conversation that uses some form of each of these words."

Remember you do not have to specifically use this, make it match whatever you are writing, incorporate it into some part of your story.
Silly question: Why is it considered necessary to nail down the lid of a coffin?

Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNo Prompt 1

I didn't make it into Glimmer train press this year :( but that's okay- another rejection to add to my project :) I'll post the official rejection on my "rejections" page as soon as they send it to me...they post finalists and winners up on their homepage...so I knew right away.

Alright Everyone...I'm geared and ready to go. As you see this, I will be typing away accomplishing homework so I can write 2000 words this evening for NaNo! My goal is to write atleast 2000 words per night.

I have a fun little thing to keep you all posted as well.
 This is how I'll keep a general idea going for you on my accomplishments, or failures:

Times screamed at my fairy muse:
Nervous breakdowns:
Number of pens thrown across the room:
Days word count has been slacked:
Best daily word count to date:
Least word count to date: 

Of course it will be blank until my next prompt post- but atleast you have an idea of what you will see. 
 And now for the very first NaNo writing prompt...

Exercise: Taken from "Unjournaling" by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston. pg 9

" SILLY is a middle aged man who combs his hair into a swirl on top of his balding head, gluing them in place with hair spray and hoping no one will notice.
 SILLY is a golden retriever who slinks sheepishly off the sofa whenever his owner comes home, hoping-despite the piles of hair all over the cushion- that she/he wont notice he's been sleeping on there.
 What else is SILLY?
Give three examples"

And if this doesn't work for you check out my 2 minutes or less 
for more 

Remember you do not have to specifically use this, make it match whatever you are writing, incorporate it into some part of your story, or even as this is day one, start off with one of those SILLY examples.

I heart comments~~ You all Rock my world!

Make your own