If I had to describe myself, it would be in a word that has many meanings with a complexity which falls off the tongue.
A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Sentence Friday

Okay, I admit it. Stop twisting my arm. I stole the sentence idea from some else. I saw it on Facebook and wanted to do something similar.
The idea is to post only a few sentences of something I'm working on as a teaser.
Besides I'm a writer and I want to share pieces and parts of what I do.

Here's my five sentences taken from Chapter 1 of my novel ~The Jade Coterie.

“You have a stow away in the back of your vehicle. Stay put, we’ll get her.”
 Ebony’s stomach turned and her heart stuttered. A man’s head came into view, a dark shadow against the back drop of sunlight.
“Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to come with us.”
Ebony braced herself against the back of the metal, “If I refuse?”
“Then I’ll come in there and get you myself.”

 Share five sentences from one of your pieces in the comments or feel free to tell me what you think of mine.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You selected a riveting five sentences!

Old Kitty said...

Oh poor Ebony!!!

Yay for this teaser - totally awesome!! Take care

Laura Marcella said...

Oooo, these are five compelling sentences, Summer!

Carol Kilgore said...

Wow. I want to read more!

Elana Johnson said...

I love the name Ebony. Great job with the sentences. :)

Christine Rains said...

Great hook! There's trouble coming!

E. Arroyo said...

Nice snippet. =)

E. Arroyo said...

Nice Snippet. =)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm totally hooked. I want to know what's going to happen next. :D

The Golden Eagle said...

Now I'm wondering if Ebony knew there was a stowaway--or if she's just surprised.

Great excerpt!

Anonymous said...

Great teaser. It makes me wonder about the stowaway and what's going to happen next.

L. G. Keltner said...

Just dropping in to let you know that I selected you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by lgkeltner.blogspot.com to claim!

LTM said...

Eeek!!! The man in the backseat waiting to kill you!!! It's the classic horror story, and it still scares the *poop* out of me! :D <3

Carolyn V said...

That was excellent Summer! Love it!

Birgit said...

This sounds intriguing and it could go in so many different directions

I heart comments~~ You all Rock my world!

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