If I had to describe myself, it would be in a word that has many meanings with a complexity which falls off the tongue.
A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogfests and pictures!

Hey everyone- First before I get into anything else, there are some great blogfests coming up. I will be unable to participate in the majority of them this coming month due to NaNo, but hey that doesn't mean you all can't right?

So lets take a little looksie on my side bar---yup the one on the right...because it has every blog fest I come across on it that is related to writing.

Lets see first up: 

Nov 1st  we have a Logline blogfest That last for 3 days guys...how cool is that- oh whats a logline? ummm...you should click on the link to find out :)

Next it looks like there is Bloody hands contest Oh this should be a whole lot of fun, but Hurry your entry has to be in by Nov 2nd and e-mailed to the judge...go check out the page for more details...yes read the whole post, because the contest is at the end of the post ...:)

The we have a writing challenge from my friend C.N. Nevets...and the deadline is very flexible but starts on Nov. 6th. Go check his site for more details...there are prizes included...:)

This will start off November for writing blogfests- those of you who want to try it out, or do both NaNo and blogfests...or maybe one of the blogfests will perk a more indepth NaNo idea? who knows. There are more on my side bar.

Now for some fun with last night..I said pictures- and here they are!
We have a pimp fairy, a wild fairy, a Gangster, a dark fairy, a nurse, and a she devil!
What a fun group and there was just my Manly man as round up for a male...LOL
Manly man, me and my pimp fairy Del.
Nurse A., Dark fairy L., She devil Tab., and me
Dancing is the best part of going out
But drinking is fun too!
Me and manly man being cute
My gangster.
Hope you all enjoyed photos. Have a relaxing Halloween...be safe!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who did it?

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm so excited for tomorrow- two reasons, one its Halloween and I really like Halloween, and two I find out tomorrow if my other short story with be accepted or rejected with glimmertrain press!

But you should have seen me last night! I went to a murder mystery halloween party and I was so scared at first because I knew no one- not even the host- just my manly man and my friend L. 
L. is the one who invited us. So we dressed up in 1920's clothes (or as close as we could get) and hashed out a murder!

Me as a "dame"

Manly Man as "hit man"
The host did a great job at decorating for the party! I wish I would have brought my camera...

 Any way- we got to play in characters...she handed out these little read booklets that told what we could give away to the seven other players and what we had to keep to our selves until the end.
 By Chance- I became Ali who is a murder mystery novelist...and guess what she tried to hypnotize the guy before he died, but someone came and interrupted her.
So I didn't kill him! LOL

 We did find out in the end who he was killed by, and I really enjoyed playing in character and arguing with everyone, Sighs, things like that don't happen often in my hometown.

Anyway- Tonight I'm going out to the bar to let loose, dress up in my second costume- A fairy of course! and dance with my friends. manly man is our designated driver for the evening and he will be a Mob boss type of guy- with all black and a red tie- I plan on taking pictures of this event and posting them up tomorrow!

 I love Halloween!

I hope all of you have a very safe weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Honest Scrap Award!

You know its hard to move forward with awards sometimes...I get busy- bogged down with life and other things I want to post about. But today, I'm posting an award. I have a few days in between before NaNo and thought that would work really well for today's post. So To those I have chosen for the award- please note, it doesn't matter to me if you post it or send it on, I just wanted to recognize you for what you do. :)

So Here is the award:

 Thank you very much Miss Jules @Over the rainbow
If you have never been to this woman's blog you are truly missing out some heartwarming posts. I love her little stories she makes up spur of the moment. She is also one of the sweetest bloggers I know. She's always there when I need a smile.

 The rules are to post 10 things about myself and share this with 7 other bloggers.
 lets see ten things about moi:

 10)I have taken french for three years. The language is so beautiful and I'm sad this is my last semester for it.

 9) I don't click with any specific type of people. My friends range to a broad spectrum. Most of them are older than me, a handful are younger and tend to be guys. :)

 8)I cannot survive without a whole lot going on in my life, preferably good things like projects, but the bad keeps me sane as well.

 7) I collect archie comics and play world of warcraft (I know I'm a girl right?) I have a level 71 blood elf palidin on the horde side that I've been leveling for the better part of three years. LOL

6) I have never wanted to live or move outside of my hometown in wyoming.

5) I despise math and research papers.

4) I quickly get upset when my routines get interrupted by something I was unprepared for.

3) I'm not sure what my sense of humor is- but many friends believe its a myth. LOL

2) I met my manly man at kickboxing and had fun kicking him and sparing with him...hence how we fell for eachother :)

1) My favorite animal is a cat!

 and now for those bloggers I'd like to send this award on to:

~ She has some great reviews and I love her tuesday blogs
Wendy Tyler Ryan @ waiting for Publication
~Her journey in writing has been a pleasure to read.

Laura @ wavy lines
~ If you haven't checked out her writing prompts your missing out

~ This lady is up to date and posts upcoming blogfests

Stina @ Seeing creative 
~ her Friday links are amazing!

~ her comments always make me smile, and she is true to her own writing convictions.

~ He's an inspiration. I met him through the Literary Lab
Have a wonderful Flutterific Friday everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boofest- True story entry!

Hello Friends! Are you ready for my True Ghost story for Quinns' Boofest?
 Here are the rules---
It must be a true story!!!

 So  bit of background here- Things attack me in my dreams- and without further explanation here is what happened.

 Ever since I was a small child Something has always been after me. Its a feeling I get when I'm all alone in my room reading, the hair on the back of my neck stands up...I'm suddenly pulled from my romance novel, or school work, or even a TV show...and I look directly towards whatever is in my room, only there isn't a single thing there! Nothing out of place!

 The lights are on, but something watches...lurks on the side...only my body reacts and my mind follows.
 I used to have a room beside my parents...My sister came to visit one summer and this thing was always there. I couldn't hardly sleep. Well with her with me it should be better right? No...wrong..very very wrong.

After my sister and I finally fell to sleep we both woke up startled...something heavy lay across the both of us. We couldn't talk...we could feel each other struggling under the weight...but there wasn't anyone there. A few seconds later we were able to sit up. 

She looked at me, I looked at her and we spent the rest of the night with our bedroom light on in complete silence.

 She hated sleeping with me after that. We told Mom- but all she did was take out the bible and read it aloud in our room. It did leave me alone for a while. Instead of actually coming into my room...it would pace just outside the door.

 I left the bathroom and hallway light on every night. Still I saw nothing. The only thing reminding me of its presence aside from my bodies reaction was the slow continued step of feet sliding across carpet in front of my bedroom door.

My oldest brother used to sit inside my room until I feel to sleep at night. I never asked him if he heard it.

I was 18 when I moved in with Fiance at the time. We had a little trailer house, and when I got scared I would turn on a lamp and be able to go back to sleep. His mother blessed the house because I was always scared, and so while I was awake nothing really happened. I could feel it, but it never touched me until one night.

 My Guy and me were rough housing in the bedroom. I tickled him and he scooted across the bed to get away from me- when he turned around he had the most horrid look on his face. His lips were blue and held up in a weird smile. His eyes were white- as if they had rolled to the back of his head. And just as soon as I had seen him, the vision was gone. I was way freaked out. he calmed me down we watched a funny movie and went to bed.

 As I lay there in slumber a dream came to me. A dark form was following me and every time I turned around it would disappear. I was anxious and upset so I turned on my lamp, only the black form blew out the bulb. I got up and ran to the kitchen, but the light refused to work, I ran to the living room and just as I was switching the light on it hit me full force and I woke up in time to be thrown across the room!
~~Picture credit~~

 It still follows me, It always comes to me in my dreams. His presence (I think its a he) is always with me, in every house.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here to help/announcement

I'm here to help a fellow writer, author, blogger out in this post. Come join me! But first I just have to say:

I'm so very proud of myself. I just finished the story for the Literary Labs anthology! Its difficult to fit a whole story in a strict page limit. Wow! wipes brow. Now to put it in my crit group for revisions!

Sorry- just had to share that accomplishment- now back to my post:

 Lindsey R. Sablowski is the author of a new and upcoming series of books called "The Magicians Series", and she has created a very specific Blog featuring the series of books called The Magicians Series

This Blog will serve as a basic discussion area, questions and answers for fans, and overall account of what is happening with her as an author writing this series. Her first book is published and she needs some help spreading the word about this new blog for the books.

 And I thought to myself, what greater way to help her than to encourage a readership, or even a possibility of one through all of the supportive writers and bloggers within this community I am apart of.

 My suggestion is let us go support our fellow author in her endeavors and encourage her success! Click the link above, check it out and decide for yourself. Its very evident from the looks of her new blog that she has spent a great deal of time and effort into putting it together. So I implore you as a community, as a hope, and as a resource for her, to leave a comment and let her know what you think of the new blog and what she is doing.

 Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The last stretch....

I'm excited for so many reasons. Making progress in my writing, NaNo, and blogfests of course---check out my side bar---oh yeah!  (If I'm missing anyone's writing blogfest please let me know so i can post it!)

If you are looking for my "Never ending scene" blogfest entry click HERE

 Anyway When the first of November hits, I will have rearranged how I blog. For the entire month my posts will be geared toward writing exercises to encourage everyone's writing for NaNo and if anyone needs a prompt just look here...

 I'm putting alot of work into making sure I get through Nano this year and helping others keep to their writing goals as well. 

 I wont be posting everyday for this month, I'll only be posting a couple times a week. And those post will be geared toward writing only. 

I truly hope you all will bear with me while I chase my own writing goals and hopefully reach my word count. I'm a little worried I'll lose readership because I wont be posting as much as I normally do. But that's okay- I'm prepared for that as an outcome. :)

 This is important to me as a writer because it will challenge the way I write mixed with my normal life and will show me what I am capable of.
So please stay tuned, I have many new interesting writing prompts for everyone, so feel free to use them, and I'll post my progress in writing with these prompts as well as share my happiness or pitfalls with it.

This is a huge change for my blog, but remember its only for November. Come December I will be back to posting with my abnormalness and it will be daily again.

How great is it to be apart of such a wonderful blogging community full of great writers supporting each other! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Never ending scene entry: Nids

  Hello everyone- yes here is my next blogfest entry for miss Brenda Drakes Never ending scene cliff hanger 
If I don't get to your entry right away- please be patient with me, I will get there in  a day or so there's alot of entries...please have a look through as many as you can of these great writers!

The rules:

"no more than 500 words, which has a rocking cliffhanger (pun intended). It can be any genre. Just leave us hanging, craving more, and cursing your name for making us want to turn a page that isn't there."

About this piece: Do you remember Andaya from Black Diamond City? Well here she is again in this scene right after the icky Goo shadow beast...Enjoy!

“Watch where you step,” the pixie whispered.

“What are these?” Andaya walked around most of the strands but at first could not help bumping them slightly. They all moved in her direction. If she stepped to the left, every strand within ten feet fell to the left.


Andaya looked closer, the white sticks looked more like an antennae. They twitched with her step. She decided that as long as they stayed firmly in the ground she could handle it.

“Nids? Is that a new word for sticks?” Andaya stepped forward lightly one foot after the other. Cold crawled up her legs as she placed each foot.

“They are actually three legged deceptive creatures that cause very serious problems for spirits.” Moon meadow followed close to her shoulder. Her colors faded from bright to dull as they moved towards the hill.

Ice trickled in Andayas’ form breaking, as it raced upwards, into slick pieces. The closer they came to the black hill the slower they walked and colder Andaya became.

“What is happening?” Andaya chattered.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ryans slogans

If you are looking for my Monster mash Entry please click HERE

Going with sayings and slogans for my characters...here is what I have thought about for Ryan: Remember his thing is chemistry...

 1)"I'm a chemist, I don't wait on the sidelines, I react..."

 2)"You're trouble..."

 3) "Double nitrate!" I'm thinking he could say this either when something goes right or wrong, because after all the double nitrate is the strongest bonding...

 or maybe he could kind of drop random bits of information when he feels awkward or wants to try and start up conversation?

 I'm also going to make his reaction through dialogue nice when Sorena's is not so nice...
 she can tell him he's and ass, and he can tell her she's beautiful? something along those lines?

I have about 3 pages done so far...so much has to happen in such short page frames...I mean within the first three pages atleast four events need to happen for the story to move forward properly. And i only have ten pages to work with.

I've decided if I can just get to the end of the story by October 31st, then even if it is longer, I can submit it for critique with my crit group and some friends, see what they think can be trimmed out as well as looking for mistakes I've made and that should hopefully put me in ten page ballpark. 

So I'm making progress and am confident I will have this done before NaNo begins!

What do you think for Ryan?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monster mash entry

 Here's is my entry for the Monster mash Blogfest be sure to read the other great stories for some creeps...

Countina looked around her bedroom, every doll set in place at the bottom of her bed. The pillows were aligned corner to corner, and all her dresses hung in neat rows in the closet. Satisfied with herself she clicked the small pink lamp off and headed for bed.

 Suddenly she tripped and fell with a thump to the floor. There wasn't a single thing on the floor when she flipped off the light. Countina walked back to the lamp. As light flooded the room, there, on the left side of her bed was a doll. She walked slowly closer to it.

Upon inspection she found it was not one of her dolls! There was no pretty pink lace, no smooth golden hair, and the face! Oh that face was not one of her pretty porcelain doll faces. Instead lay a rag doll. Wings sewed into the back like a bat, it had claws just like a were wolf, and a nose from a witch complete with worts! The eyes were blood red and fangs clung to the small frown.

 Coutina had no idea where the strange toy came from. She picked it up and put the doll inside the bottom of her closet. Tomorrow she would ask around the house to see who it belonged to.

 She padded back to the lamp flipped it off and headed again to bed. As she pulled the sheets up to her neck she heard a faint sound. She turned her ear out and listened.

"thump" It was coming from the closet!

"swish" It was closer this time. Countina reached over and turned on her star night light to see. At the bottom of her bed was the ragdoll! How did it get out of closet and onto her bed?

"Help me..." Said the doll.

"What?" Countina replied hardly able to believe the toy said anything at all.

 "Someone created me all wrong...Help me." Said the doll.

"Created you wrong? People create things they want, that doesn't make it wrong." replied Countina.

"No I'm wrong, I have every Halloween costume all mixed into one. Why can't I just be a pretty porcelain like those dolls at the foot of your bed?"

 "I don't know how to fix that. Who ever made you has to fix you. I don't make dolls I collect them." Countina wasn't sure how to help the toy at all. She couldn't sew.

"But if you don't help me then who will?" Its little body slumped forward.

"We can look in the morning for your owner. Now go back to the closet so I can go to sleep." Countina was tired and she had to have everything in its place before she could fall asleep.

"Can't I sleep with you? Your bed is so pretty. And I'm afraid of the dark." Said the doll.

"Alright, but keep your wings on your side of the bed."
 The little doll flapped over to the pillow and snuggled in. Countina turned off the nightlight and cuddled into her own pillows.

 As her mind drifted in an out of pink clouds and rainbows Countina was suddenly very aware of something warm on her neck. She woke with surprise and put her hand to neck. Something wet and sticky clung to her fingers. She turned on the night light and a green goo covered her hand. She felt dizzy and the night light was pulled from its spot as she fell to the floor in darkness. 

Something fell on her and she couldn't even say it hurt or ask what happened. Light again flooded the room and she saw herself walking over to inspect her...

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Guy: Ryan Stevenson

I have decided Ryan is a bit more laid back than Sorena. He didn't argue with any task I put towards him. He would like to say a few things for himself...

 Hey everyone. You know I thought this would be easy, maybe get some guilt off my chest. But I can't say it. The words are there, but the consequences of me talking about what I've done outweighs the relief I would feel by saying it.
 Sorena's dad is a bit controlling you know? Well, you will meet him soon if what Summer tells me is right. But either way, he's a scary scary fellow.
Anyway, lets see what can I divulge about me? Ah I know...I really enjoy science, chemistry, some philosophy, and cats (but shhhh I didn't tell you that). I find molecules and reactions fascinating. This I think will help me out in my new role for Summer's story.
 I'm pretty laid back, but I can give just as much as I can take when it comes to Sorena. She's trouble and I know it. But sometimes that spark in her eyes really gets to me, fires me up. Do you think its flirting when I provoke her anger on purpose? 
 Either way, I have to find  a path back into her good graces...we haven't gotten off on the right foot , and that's a damn shame really.
Do you think flowers will cut it?
Probably not, I've only known her a few days. I'll bet she likes chocolate though...maybe some hot cocoa. I could make it for her and bring it into the store.
What do you think? I could really use some girl advice here, I'm floundering in the water and I highly doubt She'd enjoy me rambling on about chemical reactions. So Speak up if you have any ideas...I'm all ears.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creeping in....

Are you all gearing up to read and write some creepy stuff? I know I know...alot of us are getting ready for NaNo...but take a look at the Blogfest creeping in near you....

 Those words...they shift...the writer within whispers in the darkness..."participate..."

 Can you scare Palindrome? Some horrific prizes await if you can...sign up for Prizes for Prose  (Due in by Oct 22)

"Loose the hounds of hell, give wing to leathery masters of the nightsky, throw open the graveyard gates, and show us your sharpest fang and claw." come join in at the Monster mash Blogfest (starting October 23)

 Or if you want to tell some ghost stories...or know someone who shared a ghost story...then come sit around the flashlight and give your dead man tale at Boo-fest (Oct 28)

 But if the Ghost shoe doesn't fit your creative foot....then take an interesting look at what your character can lose in this fun filled writing challenge Cinderellas shoe blogfest  
(Oct 23 and 24)

 Are you afraid of the dark writing?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorena's slogan:

So Manly man had a flash burn on his eyes, but is doing much better, thanks for everyone's comments yesterday!

I think my characters need a catch phrase or slogan type thing...

 Here are my Ideas for Sorena's phrase(s)
 1) "You have beautiful hair"  (said when she has nothing nice to say at all.)

2) "Cats can do this better!"  (When shes frustrated)

and I'm iffy on this last one, but its been floating around in my head a while. See she isn't exactly wanting to date or probably liking being hit on...so she elludes to in our little "tiffs"... so I was thinking she could really scare them away in a funny way, but kind of bad...here it is...a possible beginning...

Sorena glanced up at the broad shouldered customer. His smile lit up his eyes. Crap he was going to give some line. How cold she get out of this one, maybe ignore him...that never really worked and she knew it. They always managed to come back the next night or sometimes an hour later. She decided she wouldn't make direct eye contact with the man. It wasn't that she didn't find him attractive, but she couldn't be interested, not now with her art and her dad and Olive.

"Can I get a pack of Winstons?" the customer's smile broadened.

"$4.59 please" Sorena replied. The cash register dinged.

The man shuffled through his wallet, grabbed a five dollar bill then rumaged further into the folds. His brows furrowed and his smile faded. " I'm sorry, I seem to have lost your number would you mind giving it to me again?"

It took a second for her mind to rewind his sentence. His eyes shined with hope and his smile returned as if somehow that would change her answer.

"I'll tell you what, I'll give you my number on one condition."


"You let me do something I've always wanted to do to a man in bed. But I will also need to bring four objects with me." Sorena let her eyes clothes half shut and smiled.

 "What are the objects?" the man didn't even shift his feet. Instead he leaned forward on the counter.

 "A rubber band, a lighter, super glue, and a needle."

 The customer drew his body back from the counter. His smile lessened and his eyes glanced quickly behind the counter and around the front doors. He put the five down on the table and walked away with his cigarettes. He didn't even bother to look back.

 Sorena grinned, pushed the cash into the draw, and went back to stacking jerky on the side counter content he wouldn't be back any time soon.

Can you guess the phrase? and what do you all think?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ER -study time- NaNo

Today- I was going to do more character writing, but life has made its move again, and well this will be a short post. I'll be taking my manly man to the ER so I'm sure most of my day will be spent up there with him, but hey that means study time in the waiting right? I'll bring an extra notebook too for writing and maybe map out some characters while I'm there.
We are going up for his eyes. We think he got something in them while at work.
 If I get the opportunity after and some studying done I'll do a second post today for my characters. But I make no promises.
On the plus side, after being asleep most of Saturday and Sunday my flu has mostly gone away Yay!
On another note I've been on the NaNo forums for my area and might be doing some write-ins locally with NaNo buddies- so anyone whose in the Casper Wyoming area, let me know if you are interested and when we have it all figure it out- I'll let you know.
Have a great day everyone and I'll catch up on comments as soon as I can!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Revealing Sorena Daniels

I've been sick- sorry I haven't gotten to everyone's comments or posts- I'll catch up when I feel better- but I have this post ready.

Well I can't say Sorena is always a pleasure, I can tell you about our interactions, and she is true to her own heart, most of the time. We actually had a little arguement on Saturday over the way I want the story to go- but She will see things my way in the end.
Our conversation was pretty mild for the most part, She of course liked the name Sorena Daniels, we shifted a little on age, she wanted 22 but I explained 25 was better grounded for her personality. I've decided her cat, Olive, is  a sweet little calico. He purrs every time I want to pet him.
Sorena read a bit of my poetry as I wrote down a few notes on her black hair and her job at the Come "N" Go as a cashier. 
 We decided she has some anxiety with males- possibly commitment issues, but Sorena has neither confirmed or denied it. Go figure. We discussed a basic outline over her favorite food radishes dipped in salted butter and she gave me a short little inroduction to relate to all of you guys for her. So without further contemplation, I give you Sorena's letter:

 Dear Bloggettes andBloggents,

             I would have you know this woman is completely disrespecting my mothers grave! People can't go around digging up the dead! I don't want to see that! But Summer insists it must be in the story. I'm not even sure I want to know the man capable of this crime. She wouldn't tell me his name unfortunately. I guess I'll be over cautious then. I'm hoping if I can have her writing buddies on my side, then maybe she will see things my way, So will you please talk some sense into her for me? She doesn't seem to listen well, and Since I lost my temper Summer has decided we wont discuss it any more until I calm down. So it would be a great gift if you would tell her not to include grave robbing in this piece.

           Now that I have that off my chest I'll tell you what I would really love to do. I want her to make me a millionaire by drawing Fabulous book covers. Of course these wouldn't be any kind of book covers, I want my name to be the one everyone wants to do a book cover specially for. I want it whispered in societies ear, dropped into palms through notes at Presidential dinner parties, what ever it takes to make this dream come true. At the moment, I have a couple hand drawings that would work great for a number of books I've recently read. I've thought about even mailing the authors and asking if they would like to see a sample of my work.

       Anyway, sorry I get involved in my art, at the moment I work as a cashier, but with hope that will change. I don't have any men around though, I prefer to stay away from them. Whenever I get into a relationship I feel closed in and I hate being closed in, that whole fear of small places, well I not only get that in an elevator, but also inside a relationship. So I avoid them.  My best friend is my Dad, specially since my mother died three years ago in a car accident. I have nightmares every year on the day of her death. Though I can't really remember much about them. They do keep me awake all night.

Well I'll sign off now, as Summer is threatening to take her feather pen away from me if I don't. Pleased to meet you all and looking forward to making more letters for you in the next few weeks or days- Summer and I haven't actually agreed on which.
Have a good day,
P.S. Don't forget about the grave robbing...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't blame me!

Sunday already? Sheesh- where did all my time go? Oh yeah- to writing and school and kids!

And have you all checked out my sidebar? Look Look! I have blogfests posted again! Yay!! Don't forget to sign up for the ones you find interesting!------------------------------------------------------>>
 This coming week here's what you can expect from me- randomness. LOL no really alot of writing, possibly some strangeness due to stress of midterms all piling on me-
What I intend to do- and hopefully you all will hold me to it, Yes I know- I'm using you...my bloggy buddies...as a resource- to hopefully get me in gear with everything.

I'm going to make the goal of getting to know my new characters over the next few weeks.

 I have several coming in....Don't know how long they will stay for- but hopefully it will be an enjoyable stay. I have alot to get done and frankly I can't do that unless they are here to help me. So aside from some blogfests I'm signed up for- there will be new ladies, gents, and despicable people coming around to grace my pages getting ready for my publication in the Anthology and NaNo.

Don't blame me- blame the muse! Its all my fairies fault! I swear!....ok maybe its a little my fault...

anyway I hope you all enjoy meeting fresh characters and have a wonderful Sunday as I am off to study for tests!

Do you have any new characters itching to be released?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First page blogfest

Hello everyone- here is my entry for Elle's First page blogfest  Its short and has more dialogue than anything because that is what I was playing with. Tell me what you think- its ok to be harsh as long as its respectfully done.  This is only about 240 words so its a short read. After your done go have a looksie at everyone elses posts! There is some formatting issues with blogger- but its all readable.


“There in the back,” Felicia pointed a long slender finger.
“Four inches?” Sonia nodded her diamond shaped crown.
“Yes, with Mahogany waves.” Felicia’s manicured hands gently lifted the café mocha to her full red lips.
“Kind of plain, however, there is an appeal to the simplicity,” Sonia glanced back to her slim friend.
“I’d give a five maximum,” Felicia retorted.
“There’s a certain Je ne sais quoi, maybe it’s the fierceness ? I’d say six, the gentleman in the pin stripe noticed already.” Sonia flipped her golden curls behind her bare shoulders.
“Good point, I often wonder why they bother,” Felicia met Sonia’s eyes.
            The two of them sat quietly at the small metal table. Donya knew their type, judgmental. Clearly, they could not see past their own doctored noses.  They were right about how fierce a presence could be, even in the ordinary.  Having money, it would be easy for them to talk about such a priceless physique.
Donya knew she did not need money to appreciate her life, but their words bit deep, crunching down on the strings that held her emotions intact. Her nails were not tipped with shiny gloss. Her hair did not gleam in the sunlight, most times, it did its own thing, but today she let it hang by her shoulders. Her black fay t-shirt was not made of silk like Sonia’s white blouse. Her tight blue jeans had a small hole in the pocket, but they fit Donya’s form well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 minutes or less

"A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing. "
Eugene Ionesco
Writing in 2 minutes or less: exercises to inspire you.

1) Write for at least 100 words about a reconciliation, a border, and a bridge. 

2) Write for at least 2 minutes about a message, a table, and a musical instrument. Focus on writing from a different perspective than your usual one. 

3) Write for at least 1 minute about a hat, and a journal. 

4) Write for at least 100 words about a misstep, a painting, and a house. Focus on description that uses all five senses. 

5) Write for at least 2 minutes about a surrender, a drinking glass, and a businesswoman. 

6) Write for at least 200 words about a journal, and a risk. Focus on physical descriptions. 

7) Write for at least 2 minutes about a relationship beginning, a dance, and a story. 

I figure with two weeks left til NaNo why not give you all something to write about...who knows maybe knew ideas will come for you like they did for me. And since we are all pressed for time it seems- why not give you ones you could do in a very short period of time...

Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arguing with my inner self

sʎɐp   ǝsǝɥʇ  ɟlǝsʎɯ  ɯ,I  ʞuıɥʇ  ʇ,uop  I

See what I mean- I'm upside down! I am distressed with having no clue what to write my published story on- the pressure of everything seems so intense right now...

 I'm running with feelings of unworthiness- I mean really I'm nobody- just another writer, someone who wants to create- a person who wants to give something to the world that's enjoyable in some degree but is true to myself.
Last night in my short writing session I wrote:
"who am I kidding I'm not good enough to be published"

My argument with myself went something like this...

Me: "But I am published in poetry-"

 Inner self:" That's only poetry"

Me: "but it was hard to write that and get it right"

Inner self: "But its not a ten page story"

Me: "Good point"

Ugh! I keep going in circles still coming up with no ideas for a short ten page story or even two short stories...or even ten poems!
However I have found some great exercises that I hope will help me out a little. 
what I would really like to do is get the rough draft for the anthology done before NaNo starts that way I'm not competing with two stories plus school and kids. But there are only a few weeks left and my brain is like mush when it comes to new ideas.
I attempted to look at old ideas for a possible rewrite- but I'm not interested in them and I want something new and that I can be proud of....my manly man says I'm making it to hard, and that maybe I need to drop down a few levels and think simpler about it.

But reality is I'm a writer- and well my writer brain says... "make it worth getting into the anthology."

Anyone feel like chocolate ice-cream and Tinkerbell videos?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it True?

My fellow bloggie buddies, is it true that only three blogfest for writing remain on my side bar? 
Perhaps I have missed someones or sometwos?

Here is what is left this October:

 Elle is hosting the First page blogfest on the 16th! 

 Hanna is hosting the Prizes for Prose Blogfest on the 22nd

 and last I have Roh hosting the Monster mash blogfest on the 23rd

*****New update: tomorrow is an animal write blogfest
write from an animals POV- go check it out....

 Please tell me if I've missed any writing blogfests out there...I'm a little far behind in the blogging world...I'd be more than happy to post your writing blogfest on my sidebar. leave me  a link in the comments, and everyone don't forget to sign up for above blogfests to keep writing juices flowing for NaNo to start...writing writing writing makes good inspiration! Are you ready for November?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hook Line and sinker Entry

Hello everyone- I found a short novella I was working on and its called "Beyond Words" Its kind of a magical romancy thing, but you don't see it in the first chapter...which probably should change but I haven't figured how she would meet her love until chapter 2. anyway.

Justin is kind  enough to host a Hook Line and Sinker Blogfest where we get to kind of review each others works. Please feel free to criticize me to any level that is needed, as I have some pretty thick skin, just be respectful and honest. Also take a look at the other wonderful writers first chapters as well.
Here are questions Justin posted for readers to think about:

"Things to ask yourself:

  • Who is the character I am relating to?
  • Does he/she have a personality that I crave to read?
  • Is the world around them set up to compliment the character as they are introduced?
  • Are there secondary characters to assist the hook along, with conflict or pace?
  • Lastly: do I love the character? Do I want to read more about him/her?

Chapter 1 (Part of its actually 1,030 words of it. only 30 words over, I hope you don't mind so much.)

"Your grandfather used to be a writer. You and PoPo have allot in common. I'm getting up in my age and I wont be along in this world forever. So I searched." Grandma Adle said. A strand of her long gray hair fell from her perfect bun to caress her delicate, if wrinkled, face. Her hands carefully sifted through PoPo's things in an old wood trunk.

"What did you search for?" Shray asked. She watched her grandmothers dull green eyes sparkle to life as one item at a time came from the rusty trunk. As if memories of these forgotten items passed before her.

“Your grandfather’s dictionary, of course. Some people wont leave their home without their keys, not your PoPo William. No he wouldn’t leave without the dictionary.” grandma Adle’s face came to life as she pulled the tattered binding of an old dictionary from the bottom of the pile and handed it to Shray.

Shray’s hands slid over the rough edges and soft warn spots of the blue book. Her grandfather must have had this book for a very long time and used it frequently. Shray opened the book. There were small notes all over the sides of pages in her PoPo’s handwriting.

“Don’t you think this would be a bit old for me to use? I live in the 21st century and well PoPo didn’t” Shray attempted a half hearted smile.

“Dear Shray. I’m not worried about that. This dictionary will probably do you a ton of good in ways you wouldn’t think of. This book is special. You’ll see what I mean.” Grandma Adle replied putting the rest of the stuff back in the trunk.

A beep came from Shray’s wrist. She looked down. It was already three o’clock!

“Grandma, thanks for the book, I’ll get back to you in a little while. I have some things to attend to.” Shray told her grandmother and walked out the sliding door of the kitchen. She had always loved coming here when she was a little girl but now, without her grandfather here it seemed like a lonely house. It was cluttered with all of grandfathers old stuff. Grandma had refused to toss any of it out. This used to be a place of adventure for Shray. She guessed it was just another part of growing up.

Shray rushed through the dry cleaners, mail, and grocery store. She was home in time to start dinner and watch the five o’clock news. The dictionary was laid out on the counter as Shray fried onions and vegetables. She eyed it several times over the few minutes it took to make her meal. What was she going to do with it? It wasn’t as if it was up to date, though it was apparently a big part of her grandfathers life. She couldn’t throw it out. She decided tomorrow she’d go through her grandfathers notes and see if it was worth keeping.

The news turned out to be nothing more than the weather and charity. Not that interesting in Shray’s opinion. Besides her thoughts kept drifting to the dictionary, as if it were some kind of outlet for the pain she felt over her grandfathers death. It wasn’t like he died instantly. He had cancer and it finally took him off to a better place. Why would he keep that book so close to him? It was just a book, what was so special to him about it?

That was it, she had to look in it. She had to see if there was any significance for someone so dear to her heart to keep such tight holds to it. Shray turned the television off and walked over to the counter. She spread her fingers over the worn cover, then opened it to the first page. Words rearranged themselves before her eyes.

“What the…” Shray blinked a couple times and rubbed her eyes, then looked again. Sure enough, words were formed into sentences which read…

“Hello pumpkin. Are you ready for an adventure?”

“PoPo?” Shray half asked half whispered. Could he have known she would get this book? This was too much. Tears stung the corner of her eyes and her heart clinched with pain. She couldn’t handle this. She slapped the book shut as tears finally made there way down her cheeks. She had to be tired. There was no way her grandfather would have known she’d get this dictionary. There was definitely no way those words could have rearranged themselves. It must be stress and sleepiness. That’s it. She’d go to bed and tomorrow the words would be gone and she could deal with this in a more sane manner.

As the sun graced Shray’s white curtains, a sense of calm engulfed her mind. That’s when she knew she had a good night sleep. It was rare these days. So much had transpired in the last year between her grandfathers slow death, her grandmother going crazy and leaving her ex, Jeffrey. Shray wasn’t always sure which way was up.

Shray slowly got out of bed placing her bare feet on the soft green carpet. Her thoughts still on the past and wandering at an alarming speed to Jeffrey. Sweet, innocent, obnoxious Jeffrey. On the outside he was all that. On the inside of his pretty boy looks: blond hair, blue eyed Jeffrey was as awful as they came. In a matter of a few months “Mr. Perfect” had lied, cheated, and beaten Shray into submission. It was an awful mess to get out of. Shray was delighted with the thought he was behind bars now, even if there was still evidence as reminders, such as a broken ring finger and pinky. At least she was free of him and thankful for it.

Shray moseyed into the kitchen and put the coffee on. Then she spotted the dictionary. She picked it up and hesitated. Maybe she was losing her mind, but some part of her wanted to believe in what happened the night before. She let the thought pass and instead of looking she put the book back down. She wasn’t ready yet. She wasn’t even sure if it happened.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Writing Prestige

I have an interesting topic today, one I hope I will hear lots of input on: The Prestige of writing.

 A little back ground first folks- Are we all familiar with Poets like Keats and Lord Byron? If you are not now would be a good time for a look up. here's the link for Lord Byron

Now little things to take into account- Lord Byron was a very pushy fellow- He pushed boundaries in society, walked his own way, and used that to push all the boundaries he could in writing.

He was very much into affairs, money, and was abused sexually as a child. However today this man is almost revered in our writing world as well as many many others.

 Now here comes the prestige- Did you know poets and such back in Byrons time actually looked down upon those who received payment for their work, their "art"?

 They believed that if a person received payment for their work then it wasn't created naturally but created out of what someone else wanted. If they talked about some one receiving payments- it was a low blow and to make it worse- they put it into poems and labeled them less than the poet who wrote about the other person.
Lord Byron was one of the first to really turn these tables.

Critiques and reviewers had such a high impact on a writers reputation. One of these reviewers from the "Scottish Review" Tore apart Byron's work and he retaliated labeling the critique lower than Byron by talking about how he was "paid" to write for the review. Thus turning tables from the critique having the power- to the Writer having the power.

Now today- we shell out hundreds of dollars to get these works of the old...sometimes antique wise, sometimes education wise, and sometimes just because we want it. What do you think this says about us now? Even as writers- do we still have our "Prestige" or have we sold our selves out? or has our culture just made getting paid acceptable now? Is the power struggle still continuing between critique and writer?
Looking forward to all of your thoughts on this.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I"M BACK!!!!!!

I'm so excited everyone- I finally have my computer back! I know I have a lot to catch up on, I'll do the best I can. I have midterms coming up soon in my classes too- it might take me a while to really catch up and start posting everyday again, but I wont let you down.

 Anyway- WOW. I'm so glad I have my computer back. It still needs a big lot of tweeking but atleast its safely home. I was starting to panic with school stuff. lol

 Thank you all for your sweet comments and sticking with me through this. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing in no time.

 And I can start e-mailing again! So I'll get to those who have prizes coming from my "secrets" blogfest and back to helping a fellow writer with her work. I feel better. :)

Have a great night everyone!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still No

Had to order a new hard drive, so it looks like this will take longer...thank you all for being patient with me.

I heart comments~~ You all Rock my world!

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