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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorena's slogan:

So Manly man had a flash burn on his eyes, but is doing much better, thanks for everyone's comments yesterday!

I think my characters need a catch phrase or slogan type thing...

 Here are my Ideas for Sorena's phrase(s)
 1) "You have beautiful hair"  (said when she has nothing nice to say at all.)

2) "Cats can do this better!"  (When shes frustrated)

and I'm iffy on this last one, but its been floating around in my head a while. See she isn't exactly wanting to date or probably liking being hit on...so she elludes to in our little "tiffs"... so I was thinking she could really scare them away in a funny way, but kind of bad...here it is...a possible beginning...

Sorena glanced up at the broad shouldered customer. His smile lit up his eyes. Crap he was going to give some line. How cold she get out of this one, maybe ignore him...that never really worked and she knew it. They always managed to come back the next night or sometimes an hour later. She decided she wouldn't make direct eye contact with the man. It wasn't that she didn't find him attractive, but she couldn't be interested, not now with her art and her dad and Olive.

"Can I get a pack of Winstons?" the customer's smile broadened.

"$4.59 please" Sorena replied. The cash register dinged.

The man shuffled through his wallet, grabbed a five dollar bill then rumaged further into the folds. His brows furrowed and his smile faded. " I'm sorry, I seem to have lost your number would you mind giving it to me again?"

It took a second for her mind to rewind his sentence. His eyes shined with hope and his smile returned as if somehow that would change her answer.

"I'll tell you what, I'll give you my number on one condition."


"You let me do something I've always wanted to do to a man in bed. But I will also need to bring four objects with me." Sorena let her eyes clothes half shut and smiled.

 "What are the objects?" the man didn't even shift his feet. Instead he leaned forward on the counter.

 "A rubber band, a lighter, super glue, and a needle."

 The customer drew his body back from the counter. His smile lessened and his eyes glanced quickly behind the counter and around the front doors. He put the five down on the table and walked away with his cigarettes. He didn't even bother to look back.

 Sorena grinned, pushed the cash into the draw, and went back to stacking jerky on the side counter content he wouldn't be back any time soon.

Can you guess the phrase? and what do you all think?


B.E.T. said...

Ha! That was funny. I'd say that would be a funny catch phrase, but since she works at a corner store kind of place, she just needs to be careful on the not so off chance she actually gets someone who's into that! They're all good. My preference seems to be for two or three...Yeah, three was definitely my favorite. This seems like a fun exercise at the very least!

Carolyn V. said...

#1 made me laugh. I think that's a great phrase. =)

Old Kitty said...

Is the third slogan: "You let me do something I've always wanted to do to a man in bed"?


I like number two! It's got cats in it! Take care

Eric W. Trant said...

Sorena's not very nice.


- Eric

Summer Ross said...

LOL, no she isn't very nice to men...has a hard time when they hit on her and it gets old...can't blame her for making it interesting though...

Thanks for all your comments!

Jemi Fraser said...

I like Sorena!!! Awesome retort! :)

Sharde(Shar-day) said...

I have to go with three:

"You let me do something I've always wanted to do to a man in bed. But I will also need to bring four objects with me."

Only because it has the potential to go anywhere.


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