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A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's a record! 3 entries!

I know I'm crazy right? But here I am up to my tricks again and for this trick I have The Harry potter blogfest from In Time , the Mid-Winter Blogfest and the Through the key hole Blogfest.

 And because I am doing all of them I will be combining the first two blogfests together HP and Mid-winter, that way you all are not reading forever!

 Now for the Key hole blogfest I have to write basic description of a room and people guess what TYPE of person would have this kind of room. So here I go.

 Fairies were trapped on the walls, hung in their picture perfect cages above the unmade queen size bed. The light from a lone window made their wings shimmer as if they floated in those pictures. The white walls backsplashed paintings, hand made, with sprinkling waterfalls and autumn forests.
 The closet doors held hand made pictures from holidays with tiny little poems expressing love. Inside the closet were rows of multicolored clothes, mostly shirts. At the feet of the clothes was a pile of shoes, most of them black, but nearly all high heels.

A desk sat beside the closet. It was simple with metal legs and a wood top. A computer was on it with an image in the desktop of a blue fairy. Pens were kept in a can that looked as though it was made by a 6 year old. Papers scattered below the screen, a book lay on top of the mess. 

 Two dressers lined the walls next to two bookshelves. On the shelves inhabited note books, romance novels, children books, and older books to the likes of Edgar Poe and Jane Austin as well as journals. Leaving the room one thing caught my attention, a mirror for the dresser was backwards and a towel hung over it.

Alright and now the for HP/Midwinter Blogfest entry


 This was the first Christmas eve I would spend at Ginny's house. I haven't seen her since last year, and as I walked into the Weasley's house I watched in awe as Ginny descended the stairs. She has grown up so much in just a short time. Her hair is flat and straight, her skin is perfect. Behind her Hermione giggled walking down with her. I ran over to them both and gave them a hug.

"Did you just get in Summer?" Ginny asked.

 "Yes just. How are you both?"

 "Pleasantly well despite the attacks." Hermoine stated.

 Each girl locked one arm of mine with theirs. We found cookies on the bed when we reached Ginny's room. I grabbed one of her pillows and laid back on it looking out the upstairs window. Snowflakes fell slowly outside like little puffs of clouds gently swaying to the ground. Some found our bedroom hideout and clung to the window only to quickly transform into a tiny drop of water and slide down the glass like a tear.

 "Any one new we should know about?" Ginny asked as she pulled a box from under her bed.

 "No, You?"

 "Harry," she sighed, " he doesn't have great skin, but he is strong, brilliant, and handsome."

 "Ha Ha! Harry, really Ginny, you think he's...handsome. Its like talking about my brother." Hermoine chimed in.

 "You have a thing for my brother." Ginny laughed. She placed the box on the bed and opened it slowly. "lets do things a different way, without magic."

 I watched Ginny pull ribbons, styro-foam balls and tiny pins with fantastically designed heads. She laid them all out on the bed and we giggled, talked, and made ornaments til morning.


Madeleine said...

Your through the keyhole blogfest entry has me intrigued. Thanks for joining in. It makes me think of the 12 dances princesses fairytale. Lovelt. Over at mine there's a key award for you to present to whoever guesses your room's occupant correctly.

Is Jenny your name in the Harry Potter Blogfest?
I like the giggly girl talk idea. It's great how everyone's chosen a different angle.

Old Kitty said...

Throught the Keyhole - it must be a vampire woman!! It must be - imprisoned fairy folk, mirror covered, black heels!!! Vampire woman!!!
I thought this was a very magical ethereal read!!! But dark too, hence my vampire woman conclusion!

HP blogfest: this was lovely!! I like the Jenny, Hermione and Summer girlie pyjama party like meeting!!! Wonderful!!!

Take care

The Words Crafter said...

I'm jealous! I'd love to hang out with those girls :)

HMmmmmm, I'd guess it's your office...?

erica and christy said...

Aww, look at Hermione being all girly! Fun story.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh what fun to have a girls' time with Hermione and Ginny! You know... I am enough older that my imagination hasn't really gone there, but it would be a blast! I tend to identify with the older characters and they seem bizarrely short on females... I think though, you've captured a nice possibility here!

Summer Ross said...

Words- crafter- you are so very close it is mine, but its my bedroom instead of my office. Well done!

N. R. Williams said...

Just to be a little out there, I will guess Snow White on the first one. Instead of Dwarfs she has collected fairies but she still fears the witch finding her, thus the covered mirror. I know it's wrong.

Love the Harry Potter post. Ginny and Hermione.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

The Golden Eagle said...

That's a new side to Hermione and Ginny. :) Love your piece, and the way you combined them worked well!

As for the room--I don't really know.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

How strange it must to be friends with someone who loves your brother, seeing with so different eyes than yours. You did a great job of nailing their characters -- and the descriptions were magical as befitted a Harry Potter story!

Lisa said...

Awww - I love the girl talk :) Perfect! And I think you nailed Ginny :)

Nicki Elson said...

Aw, that was so cute - girl talk about Harry. Adorable.

Melissa said...

Girl Talk! That is super cute. Great entry! I wish I could make ornaments with Ginny and Hermione. that would be so awesome!

Francine Howarth said...


Oh neat: three-in-one!

Loved all three. Wizard writing!


Erin Kane Spock said...

The snowflakes melting into tears on the window was a beautiful word paint.
This was a fun entry. I wish I was making ornaments with the girls.

gideon 86 said...


Although this is a foreign subject to me, you portrayed the giddiness of young girls in a delightful way. And I agree with Erin the snowflakes melting ... was a beautiful image.

I also liked the way you put yourself into the scene, ending up with creating Christmas ornaments and all night girl talk.

Well done. I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for entry in my blogfest. It's turning out to be so much fun for me! And that is thanks to yours and the other entries.

Poor me, I have to pick only five...


L'Aussie said...

You nailed it Summer! Three in one! One at a time is too much for moi! So many blogfests and I want to be in every one but it is soooo hard to find the time.

You have painted some sweet images. Ginny and Hermoine are endearing characters.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

What a fun slumber party!

Brenda Drake said...

I want to go to that slumber party. Sounds like a lot of fun! Wonderfully written and I loved the details. Great job, Summer!! :D

Rachael Harrie said...

"Doesn't have great skin" LOL. I enjoyed reading this, well done in getting three blogfest entries in the same post!


Su said...

Fun! I would totally do crafts with Ginny & Hermione.

Marieke said...

Well done on three entries in one post! :)

Both are a lot of fun - I really enjoyed reading them! :)

pensees said...

A slumber party with Ginny and Hermione would be fun! :)


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