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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nughty or nice?

Fun things I've found getting ready for Christmas....

Have you been Naughty or nice? Santa can tell you right now Just put your name in his box and he will check his list....Santa's list
(I was on the nice list )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas at Sunnydale High,
Buffy was training in the library with Giles,
The stakes were laid out on a table with care,
In hope that some vampires soon would be there.

Willow was giving werewolf Oz a flea-dip,
And Xander was trying so hard to be hip,
Cordelia was tossing and turning in bed,
While visions of Amex cards danced in her head.

Alone in his mansion undead Angel was thinking,
About Hellmouth demons and vampires, blood-drinking.
Spike had left town and was stalking Drusilla,
Unsure whether to love her or maim her or kill her.

Snyder was brooding, it made him quite huffy,
Trying to work out what to do about Buffy.
Then outside the library came such a clatter,
That Giles said 'Good grief! What on earth is the matter?'

He turned and faced Wesley who as usual was fretting,
Wesley's was all pasty and with fear he was sweating,
Thinking of demons made him shudder and shiver,
He dived under a table and hid there all of a-quiver.

"Giles, training is fun, but it's time to stop playing,"
Said Buffy, "It's high time I did some more slaying,
My stake's in my handbag," she said with a frown,
Then they all went outside to hunt demons down.

Out in the darkness such a sight met their eyes,
That the four of them gasped in shock and surprise,
A fat vampire Santa in an old rotting sled,
Drawn by eight reindeer, all zombies, undead.

"Once in a millennium, or so I've been told,
Comes undead Santa - I'm sure it's writ in some scroll,
The Council surely have details in their Watcher archives,
Meanwhile," said Giles, "Let's run for our lives!"

"Nope!" argued Buffy, eyeing flesh-eating reindeer,
"I won't have a vampire spoil this night of good cheer,
I wish Angel could help us, wish he was here with me."
Then Angel stepped from the shadows, said, "Buffy, forgive me."

Willow threw home-made powders "It's zombie repellent,"
The eight reindeer sneezed, Xander said "Excellent,
We've got eight sneezing zombies and a vampire in red,
And goodness knows what in that sack on his sled!"

While Willow and Xander tried some more tricks,
Buffy launched into somersaults, cartwheels and kicks,
"Die Comet! Die Cupid! Die Donner and Blitzen!
Die Dasher and Dancer! Die Prancer and Vixen!"

She stood back a moment and Giles gave a gulp,
The eight zombie reindeer were beat to a pulp!
The Angel called out in the midst of these capers,
"Buffy, the vampire! Don't let him escape us!"

The vampire's fangs glistened above the white beard;
"Must I really kill Santa? God this feels weird!"
A somersault took her right over the sled,
And she kicked him three times in the face and the head.

"Very nice little girl, but you need to be quick,
To stop me delivering," said the vampire St. Nick,
"In my sack I have gifts that will make you turn pale,
Enough to open the Hellmouth and destroy Sunnydale!"

Buffy got angry, it made her so mad,
To meet vampire St. Nick, this Santa gone bad,
So quickly she called on all her slayer's arts,
And planted her stake straight through Santa's heart.

In cloud of dry dust, vampire Santa exploded,
And Angel checked on the sacks which he swiftly unloaded,
"Best burn all the presents, they're pure evil," he smiled,
"With that I concur - here's some matches," said Giles.

"Oh dear, we killed Santa," said Buffy and sighed,
"Never mind, he was evil ... Merry Christmas, you guys!"

Buffy parody
(This is not my poem, I got here click link above)


Carol Kilgore said...

Cute poem! I made Santa's nice list, too :)

Elena Solodow said...

That was so good! Now it makes me awnt an episode...

Patti Struble said...

That was too cute. I loved Buffy!! Ok, to be fair, I loved Angel & Spike more - especially Spike. This was a fun read.

Summer Ross said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it, though there might be some Buffy fans out there. :)

Ellie said...

I loved it! Only you could parody Buffy in such a way.

Summer Ross said...

Ellie- this is not mine I have it sited under the parody. :)

Old Kitty said...

I was "pretty nice"!!! LOL!! What a fun link, thank you!!!

And what fab take on this poem - and I'm not even a Buffy fan but I really liked this!! Yay!!!!! Take care

Clarissa Draper said...

I have been reading a lot of poems on the blogs today. That's great! You put a lot of hard work into this one. Love the ending.

Summer Ross said...

It seems some think this is something I wrote, but I have given the source where I found this at the bottom of the poem. I didn't write it, sorry guys. :)

RaShelle said...

Total Buffy fan & that was hilarious!!! Thanks.

Will Burke said...

Nice! I got my wife some Buffy seasons on her last BDay, so I could keep up with this. Giles Rocks! I'll have to show the Mrs.

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