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A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shh Its a Secret Blogfest/ entry

Today is my blogfest! WOOT! I'm so excited. This last week has been majorly busy and I've had so much to blog about and still didn't get into everything. But I did Write!

 Thank you everyone who is participating in my blogfest and making it fantastic with so many different writers! You all are wonderful darlings! I intend on reading each and every one of your works.
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 So without further dribble here's my entry...(Of course its a rough draft, but don't be afraid I take crits very well)

One question I impose on you: I put two names for my MC which one should I use? Layna or Layne? Let me know in the comments below....

 Layna removed the green ribbon draped over her front door. The sleek material slid easily through her fingers as she walked inside her apartment. Bewildered by how the ribbon found its way to her, she slinked down on the couch to examine it. Whoever left the ribbon, didn't provide a note on it, perhaps a joke from one of her friends?

 Suddenly, the ribbon curled around Layna's wrist. Surprised she thrust her arm forward. The material snaked up to her shoulder  tickling like fingertips tracing a pattern on her flesh. She had no time to react.

"Layne! We need to go. What's taking so long?" Ashton asked. He walked right in the front door.

Layne looked up at her boyfriend and stashed her arm behind her back. "Sorry, I was distracted. But I'll grab the box right now." She moved around the couch and picked up the gift wrapped in gold, unsure if she should tell him about the ribbon.

"What's wrong? Did I walk in on something?" His dark eyes searched the small room and settled on her arm.

 The ribbon tightened, heat swelled against her flesh and then dissipated.

"Nothings wrong. I just saw a note on the door from the landlord and was reading it real quick. I didn't meant to take so long."

Ashton took two long strides and lightly grabbed her arm. He pulled it forward. To Layna's astonishment the ribbon had vanished.

"See it's fine." Layne shifted the box in her other arm and headed for the door.

 "Well then where's the note?"

"I left it by the couch, come on or we'll be late." Layna gingerly tugged him toward the door. She didn't understand why she kept the ribbon from him, but some sixth sense told her he shouldn't know.

Ashton paused briefly, then relented to Layna's pull. He walked out ahead of her and she took the opportunity to glance quickly at her arm. Nothing.

She looked on the floor as she turned to walk out, but the ribbon wasn't there. Her arm tingled and her eyes flashed down. Four green words appeared.

"Shh its a secret..." Then it vanished.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I like Layne because it's a little more original. :)

Francine said...


This is a really good opening and the ribbon so intriguing. Such a pity there's no more, no explanation. I hate it when I'm left in limbo! ;)


Jules said...

I like Layna also. I'm sorry I tried to find the entry for your blog fest but I guess in my state of Vertigo I did not see it. :(

I love your entry though.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Justine Dell said...

I like Layne, too. Like Jennifer said, it's orginal and it goes well with Ashton.

And from this little blurp--you've got me hooked on ribbon. ;-)


Damyanti said...

I love how you wove the theme of your blogfest into the last line of your post!

wishing you the best for this fest and for all the good things happening to your right now..enjoy!

Elena Solodow said...

Definitely prefer Layne.

Wow, this was so great! I love the ending. I would definitely read on.

Christina Lee said...

NICE JOB!! Layne just flows better off the tongue when reading this!

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Very cool, I want to know more. Nice writing and good intrigue.

Carol Kilgore said...

Neat story. Still needs a little polishing, though. I vote for Layna.

Tessa Conte said...

Cool entry! I love the ribbon and yes, Layne flows much better than Layna.

I'm a late entry to your fest, I hope you don't mind!


Old Kitty said...

Oh definitely Layna! I like the two syllable name better!

What a fab story!! Wow that ribbon is so spooky!

Take care

Jen said...

This was fantastic!!! I vote for Layne I think it works very well in this piece! Either route I think you'll do well!!

Okay so I must confess, whenever I sign up for a blog fest I need reminding, and for some reason your blog fest button never made it to my sidebar and I had since forgotten!!!! I'm going to pray that I can whip something up this afternoon and have it posted tomorrow, but at this rate I think I'll have to miss it! Just know I don't love you any less, I'm just forgetful and the in-laws made it even harder to remember!

Summer Ross said...

Jen~ No worries. Thanks for letting me know :)

Summer Ross said...

Tessa~~ I don't mind at please do join us!

Sharde(Shar-day) said...

Summer, I'm gonna have to vote Layna on this one. Just sounds better to me.

Loved your entry. Ashton creeps me out a little bit, though. Seems like he'll smack Layna any second if she doesn't move those boxes.

And the ribbon...I'm intrigued.


Ladytink_534 said...

I like Layna a bit more.

Victoria Dixon said...

I like Layna. I tend to think of Layne as a boy's name, so it confused me even though I knew who it was. LOL.

I love the idea of the ribbon, but I'm wondering if you don't need to play up her lack of an emotional response when it grabs her. Otherwise, I don't believe her reaction. If a ribbon grabbed me and wrapped itself around me, I'd be freaking out. LOL But if we see her thoughts and reasons for her reaction, then we understand it. Otherwise, great beginning!

Dawn Embers said...

Excellent post and blogfest. Creepy, intriguing and I want to know more.

I'd go with Layna because when I see Layne I kinda think of it as "lain" instead of " lay-nee".

eof777 said...

I prefer Layna... I like names that end in vowels.
The secrecy aspect of the story and the ribbon makes it more compelling. Didn't know you had a blogfest going. Best wishes and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jacee Drake said...

I'm so sorry. I'm such a schmuck. I totally dropped the ball on the blogfest today. :( I had it half wrote last night and didn't think about my entry again until just moments ago. I suck. :(

I'll cast my vote on Layne.

I'm dying to know what happened to the ribbon, what secrets are tied to it and how on earth the words appeared on her arm. Great entry.

Even though I slacked, I'll try to make a few rounds to others blogs and comment on their entries as well.

Elaine AM Smith said...

Summer this piece builds well. I love the tension. An intriguing premise.
I'm posting today, while the internet is blowing hot.

Nicole Murray said...

Layne if she is more tomboy. Layna if she is more girly?

And I love animating objects. The ribbon has become a character of its own. The end moment and line was perfect and fitting of the fest.

BTW, sorry such a late start. Yesterday had me running all over the place till I dropped. But I posted this morning.

Congrats on your Blogfest and many more...when you have time. ;-D

Summer Ross said...

Thanks too everyone who commented- i really appreciate it! I'll tally up and see about the names, I think Layna is winning, thanks for all of your help friends!

J.C. Martin said...

Ooh spooky little ribbon! It ended rather abruptly, which suggested to me that there is more of the story to be told? Would love to read on! As for the MC's name, I like Layna being her name, and Layne perhaps a shortened version used by her closer friends?

Thanks for hosting this cool blogfest!

I heart comments~~ You all Rock my world!

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