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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fear of change or something else?

I have been smoking regular cigarettes for fifteen years. While I have no real want to quit at this time for my own reasons, I do want something that could sustain my cravings, not harm those around me, or even me as much, and does not cost an arm and a leg to try out, let alone use regularly if needed. I found e-cigarettes. I am very petite and my body doesn’t take kindly to the gum for quitting or the patches, I tend to throw up a whole lot and its not appealing to me at all. So I saw these and tried them out.

I have attempted to find both the good and the bad included for the e-cigarettes and while some of this has been more difficult because e-cigarettes are relatively new, I still see drastic improvements to regular smoking of paper cigarettes.

I do not plan to go into heavy details of all of this, what I do want is there to be an option for those who want it. Isn’t that what the US is all about anyway? It seems there is a huge fear of change going on at the moment, heated with the FDA and the common e-cigarette companies Njoy and Smoking everywhere. They go to court in September.
                                        Here are some things I would like to point out:
Read and research for yourself if you are a smoker or e-cigarette user.
Smoking no matter what form is a hazard, but which is the lesser of two evils? In addition, as a person I would prefer to take the lesser of these two since I am no where near able to quit at this time.
Take some things into consideration- even if you are not a smoker- like for example the fact that the second hand smoke is almost non existent. It’s a vapor in e-cigarettes much like a fogger.
The yellow stains on walls and the residue build up- is no longer there. That cuts down on maintenance costs for homeowners or landlords.
I am not saying there are not risks, but I do not think the FDA or anyone else should cut the people short because they are afraid of the change and what it might do. The risk of children smoking these is no higher than the cigarettes in paper form, only the paper form is much easier for them to get a hold of since they happen to be everywhere.
Please look through the sites I have found and research your own and decide for yourself what to do. There is also a petition site at the end of the links for e-cigarettes, not against. Please read these carefully.
electronic cigarettes
whats up with the FDA?
FDA/ tobacco bill
New law results
What the FDA warns
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Haddock said...

All said and done, I would suggest that you kick that habit.
Its not difficult. My Father in law who was smoking for 40 years just quit one fine day (I think its will power)

Summer said...

will power does have a whole lot to do with it. Its a mind thing, if you can get yourself to believe that you don't need one, but you can have one, then its easier to quite, at least I watched my friend do it that way and she smoked for a long time too.

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