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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Tell the truth Thursday"

Question: "What is one of the most important lessons you've learned."
from the red head riter blog click here.

  Okay- there are a lot of important lessons I have learned over the years:
--If a child says she's going to be sick, get a trash can.

--Kittens don't always know how to use a litter box, and scaring them with dogs means poo down the front of you. (my guy is great for this)

--laughing is great medicine as long as it isn't used for tummy surgery

But I think the hardest thing to learn has been for me to believe in myself. Its painful to walk into a college class with 20 other students at least six years or more younger than you. Its gut wrenching when the professor calls on you and you don't know the answer but some 19 year old pops off right quick with it.

Of course going through these tedious hardships are how lives are spent, but being able to believe I can has been a truly hard lesson, and one I am still working on for every final test I have to take to reach my goals.

Whats your truth?


Doreen Lombardo said...

I went back to school as an adult and loved it. I went to through a program geared specifically to working adults, therefore, I was not in school with 19-year-old students. However, have faith, they may be able to blurt out the answers more quickly, but nothing beats life experience and that only comes with being on this planet a lot longer than they have been.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother to drunk driving.

Good luck to you in school. I loved it and I still miss it.

Secret Garden said...

Some great lessons, I can relate to the kitten one! My best friend just finished her teaching degree through the PACE program at our college. She always said she felt old too =) You are not alone!

Holly said...

Going back takes courage. Props to you!! ;D

The sick child... so true! & let them have a big bowl or bucket by their bed if they go to sleep.

The cat... eeewww... LOL!

I love your disclaimer at the bottom of your blog... Might have to adopt something similar! Had drama this past week and that is NOT what I blog for... *sigh*

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