If I had to describe myself, it would be in a word that has many meanings with a complexity which falls off the tongue.
A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Comic Relief/ tell the truth

over at The Red head Riter the Thursday tell the truth question is: "Are you closer to your mom or dad?"

well that's a really tough question. I would have to say my mother when she was alive. She died 8yrs ago. But I write to her everyday in my personal journal just for her. I have always been able to tell her most of everything. We used to have our own little word play so my dad didn't find out what I was up to LOL. I either told her I was "with" a friend which meant I could be anywhere, or I was "at" a friends which means I was actually at the friends house.  But even now I tell her everything. My dad- well hes just fun to embarrass.I used to tell him things just to see his face turn red, now its a lot harder to get him, but I do every now and then just to remind him I'm still around :)
Tell The Truth Thursday

My dad
You know, after a day of "mom" this and "what" that a mothers job gets really frustrating at times, and then there is that sudden comic relief that should be in every dramatic story or in this case life.
My oldest daughter aka mad scientist. (Isn't she cute- she'd yell at me for calling her cute for this hehe)

red or orange...hmmm?!?
Mad Scientist look


Talli Roland said...

That is a tough question! I'm not sure who I'd chose. Your dad looks like a cool dude, though.

Cleverly Inked said...

I am not close with my father. My mother is my Best Friend

Summer Ross said...

Talli- thanks- he is a cool guy!

Cleverly inked- My mom was mine too-

thanks for commenting you guys!

Mr Monkey said...

You and your old man have a hat thing going on. Nice post.
Mr Monkey

Summer Ross said...

mr. Monkey- yeah we kinda do don't we. :)

Niamh said...

Your dad looks very swish! Thats a wonderful idea - writing to your mom. Love your blog esp the quote from Sylvia Plath.

The Redhead Riter said...

Thank you for participating in Tell The Truth Thursday.

Your dad has the best hat! I just love it. He definitely isn't an old fuddy duddy.

I think it is wonderful that you still write to your mom. I just can't even bear the thought of my mom not being around. It is just too much sadness to even think. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Jennie Bailey said...

Oh Summer, I love that you still write to your mom. I'm lucky enough to still have my mom here. I talk to her on the phone every day. I wonder sometimes how I will make it when she's gone. We're super super close. Maybe more than is actually healthy. She's my best friend, as her mother was to her. She still misses my grandma. I'm going to tell her about your journal though. I think that might really help her. I know that it will help me!

Your daughter is adorable! LOVE the mad scientist look. Just think - someday when she's done something important like cure cancer, someone will pull this photo off the web for the PEOPLE article. ;-)

Summer Ross said...

Jennie~~ LOL, wont that just make her happy, have it pulled off to go to an article. thanks for commenting!

I heart comments~~ You all Rock my world!

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