If I had to describe myself, it would be in a word that has many meanings with a complexity which falls off the tongue.
A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination.
My word would be Phantasmagoric. ~Summer Ross

Friday, April 29, 2011

A-Z: "Y"

Its Friday which means I have a riddle for you. Trust me when I tell you it was very difficult to find a riddle that incorporates the letter Y in some way- but after an hour of searching I found one I think you might get a kick out of.
I will give you the riddle, then after you comment with what you think the answer is you can highlight right next to the answer and find out what it is.


 Can you read this:  Yy u r Yy u  b c u Yy 4 me.

 ANSWER: Too wise you are, too wise you be, see you to wise for me.

I also need your help.

 I have finally created a web page for myself as an author. I think I have all the kinks worked out, but I need you to check it out- maybe you will catch any errors I somehow missed. Plus I'd really like to get general feedback on how it looks, ease of the pages and such.

 I had so much fun creating it.
 Click HERE to view my web page.

 Thanks everyone- Have a great day!


Jessica Bell said...

Congrats on the website! It looks great! I actually find the font you've chosen to use a little heavy on the eyes, but that could just be me :-/

Laura Marcella said...

Too wise you are too wise you be see you (are?) too wise for me!

Checking to see if I'm right now and also going to check your webpage!

Laura Marcella said...

Your website looks fantastic, Summer! It's impressive. You've captured your interests and style very well with the colors and design!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very nice Summer!. It looks professional. I like all the photos of you as well.

Angela Felsted said...

I like the cute hat you're wearing on your author website. It matches your cute smile. :)

Jules said...

Wow, I thought you were tired?! (HEHE) Busy bee is what you are. The site looks great, give it time and then tweek it if needed. Just like your blog it will take sometime to find its path.

Fairy hugs on the good work :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Carol Kilgore said...

Great riddle! I had to cheat :(

I love the layout of your site and the colors. It fits well with your blog.

The only suggestion I have for change is the font. It's too difficult to read, both the bold and the italics. Otherwise very nice.

Carolyn V said...

Wow! Great riddle. I didn't get it. Oh well.

I'm on my way to your website! =)

Pk Hrezo said...

Great site, Summer! I might tone down the bold font a bit, but other than that, very professional! And I read the riddle thru Google reader and the answer wasn't covered. Oops. Cute tho, I wouldn't have figured it out. :)

Summer Ross said...

Thanks everyone- I have fixed the bold to make the writing look softer. I appreciate all the feedback.

The Golden Eagle said...

I knew this riddle--I actually posted it on my blog before. :D

Great website!

I like the font you have now--and it was nice to see pictures of you. :)

j.leigh.bailey said...

Summer--I love the new site. It's beautiful and it flows really nicely through the different pages. I don't know what the bolded font looked like, but I find some of the sections--particularly the About Summer and the Meet a Character--hard to read because the font seems very tiny... of course, my eyes are not the best to begin with. Lovely site. :D

Talli Roland said...

Er... no idea on the riddle! Headed over to check out your web page. I'm sure it's fab!

Summer Ross said...

j.leigh- thanks for letting me know- I'll see what I can do about it.

Clarissa Draper said...

I have seen that riddle before. It's cool. I'll go check out the webpage. I like the page, it's very cool.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Summer.
I love the picture on the front of your website. I didn't have time to look at everything. I got interrupted and there is a ton to do today. But I did check out the character page. I like that idea. First line there is a mistake. You have mothers it should be mother's. Also the Blog button does not bring us back to your blog. Is that intentional?
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

Summer Ross said...

Nancy- Thanks so much for letting me know about the mistake, and yes I intentionally do not want it to link directly back to this blog. Thanks for checking. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I must say that's a terrific looking Web site. And I have no idea how to solve that riddle. That's a real doozey.

Holly Ruggiero said...

So,I cheated. I couldn't help myself. ;)

I checked out your site. I looks nice. i clicked all the links (and voted). Everything seems to be working great.

A-Z Fellow Challenger
Holly Ruggiero’s POV

Siv Maria said...

Nope, love games hate riddles. It is that stupid left side of my brain, way to lazy :) Just stopped by to say I hope you have a fabulous flying week-end :)

Chris Phillips said...

I like the layout! I agree with Jess about the Font.

Madeleine said...

Love the riddle, too clever for me :O)

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